"Only Peace is real. Everything else is an illusion..."
Rev. Joanie Vogel

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    • Claim Your Personal Power.
    • Speak for Yourself.
    • Effortlessly Guide Your Life.
Defining Your Life...
The Power of Yes and No


Shaman, Healing Minister and Intentional Healing Jewelry Designer.
Joanie Vogel Speaks about "Defining Your Life... The Power of Yes and No".

This is a new/old philosophy of learning to manifest exactly the life you want with a simple new twist.

A lighthearted way that will bring a smile to your face and the power to start creating your life right now. Uplift your life today.

I found this power packed video both moving and motivating. Joanie has a way of making a point simply and without fluf. I look forward to taking the coaching program and anything else she has to offer.

IGN - Washington


Great Stuff. I will definately be signing up for your next session of the coaching program.



Like an island of hope in a sea of chaos. This video not only gives you hope but shows you how to get there.